Fine Liner Brushset by Artifex Forge

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Enhance your digital art with our Fine Liner Procreate Brushes, designed to give you an authentic hand-drawn feel. These versatile brushes were originally created as a nostalgic journey through traditional sketchbooks, where we rediscovered the beauty of fine-liner art.

Software Compatibility

To utilize this product, you'll need Procreate 5.0 and an Apple Pencil or compatible stylus.

This pack was born from a place of nostalgia, flipping through old school and art college sketchbooks. We rediscovered our passion for fine-liner art, spending countless hours crafting patterns, shapes, and doodles.

Key Features:

Our Fine Liner Procreate Brushes are an authentic and versatile toolkit, offering a wide range of pen marks, including straight and undulating outlines, dots, dashes, stippling, zigzags, and more. The set includes seamless, repeat pattern brushes designed to efficiently fill large areas.

The Pack Contains:

The Brushes:

  • 3 Standard Stipple Brushes.
  • 1 Light Stipple Brush, ideal for building up tone.
  • 2 purpose-built Stipple Shader Brushes for time-saving shading.
  • 1 Undulating Ink Outline Brush for Apple Pencil or equivalent stylus.
  • 1 Tapered Ink Outline Brush for Apple Pencil or equivalent stylus.
  • 1 Asterisk Brush.
  • 4 Cross Brushes.
  • 2 Star Brushes.
  • 1 Dot Brush.
  • 3 Dash Brushes.
  • 3 Line Brushes.
  • 1 Zigzag Brush, best used on straight or regularly curved lines.

The Pattern Brushes:

  • 1 Scribble Pattern Brush.
  • 2 Stipple Pattern Brushes.
  • 4 Line Pattern Brushes.
  • 3 Zigzag Pattern Brushes.
  • 1 Drip Pattern Brush.

Additional Resources:

  • A Quick Reference Guide for easy brush selection.
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to load and draw with the brushes.

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