Grain Background Brushes By Andrew Skoch

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Elevate your digital artistry with the Grain Background Brushes – a versatile set of 21 spray Procreate brushes tailored for creating gradient backgrounds with a captivating grain texture. These brushes are designed to replicate the characteristics of spray paint, responding to pen pressure sensitivity to mimic the spray paint effect with precision. Light pressure yields fat and transparent lines, while firm pressure produces thin lines. With this brush set, you can effortlessly craft stunning backgrounds, making your creative process fast and easy.


  • 21 Procreate Brushes: A comprehensive collection of brushes to simplify your background creation.
  • Pen Pressure and Tilt Sensitive: These brushes offer a lifelike spray paint experience, adapting to your artistic gestures.
  • Easy to Draw: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, these brushes streamline the background creation process.
  • Easy to Customize: Tailor these brushes to suit your unique style and preferences.

Software Compatibility:

Please be aware that these grain background brushes are exclusively compatible with the Procreate application for Apple iPad. They will not function with Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic editing software.

How To Use:

  • Download the file directly to your iPad.
  • Locate and click on "GrainBackgrounds_[by_Sko4].brushset."
  • Procreate will take care of the installation process, making these brushes readily accessible at the top of your brush list.

Unlock the potential for creating captivating gradient backgrounds with the Grain Background Brushes by Andrew Skoch. Create eye-catching backgrounds effortlessly and enhance your digital artwork today!