Procreate Tour Class

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Introducing "Procreate Tour Class"

Master your digital art work flow using our beginner tutorial series, "Procreate Tour Class", expertly crafted by the talented Brittany Warner Smith. Dive into a 12-part journey where Brittany covers every nuance of Procreate, ensuring you grasp the ins and outs of this incredible drawing platform. 

Meet Your Guide: Brittany Warner Smith

Also known as Art By BW-Smith, Brittany brings an infectious enthusiasm and friendly demeanor that creates an atmosphere that feels like a close friend guiding you through everything you need to know about Procreate. With a background in fine arts and illustration, Brittany brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to each tutorial.

Here's a sneak peek at the topics/sections:

  • Gallery and Canvas: includes gallery management and how to make canvas size adjustments
  • Layer Essentials: Brings you through the functionality of the layers tab
  • Drawing: Detailing workflow tools such as eyedropper or brushes 
  • Color Palette: walks you through the various color adjustment tools palette creation
  • Blending Modes: Presenting functionality and effects you can create with blending layers 
  • Alpha Lock and Masking: Providing details on what they are and how layers can be edited through them.
  • Select and scale: Showing off the capabilities of layer selection and movement within the canvas 
  • Adjustments and Actions: explaining the full extent of edits that can be done to the canvas such as the liquify tool and gradient map. This part also includes actions such as importing.
  • Timelapse: showing how to create and export video timelines of your art from start to finish
  • Color Drop: Walking through the functionality of the feature and how it behaves or can be adjusted to create backgrounds for example.
  • Exporting: Goes through the important settings involved with the exporting process. 

Brittany Warner Smith's tutorials go beyond the basics, providing insider tips and tricks that will transform your Procreate experience.

Why Choose the "Procreate Tour Class"?

  • Comprehensive Learning: Covering a range of functions, this tutorial series ensures you're well-versed in every aspect of Procreate.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Brittany's expertise as she shares insights acquired through her life-long journey as an artist.
  • Enjoyable Learning: Brittany's friendly and joyful approach turns the learning process into a delightful and comfortable experience. The charm is off the charts!