Soap Bubble Brushes by PixelBuddha

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Get mesmerized by the collection's glowing textures, sparkles, and magic lights. The creative process promises to be the most relaxing agenda of the day! The conscious painting of a specific concept or mindless doodles during a long phone call — irrespective of the current situation, the result is going to be enchanting.

The 30 Procreate brushes are divided into several categories: 4 lettering, 15 bubble, 9 highlight, and 2 textures brushes. Every selected stroke is responsive and smooth, seamlessly coping with the entrusted design task. No more bubbling-up anticipation, just come and get these cuties! 


What's inside?

  • 4 lettering brushes;
  • 15 bubble brushes;
  • 9 highlight brushes;
  • 2 texture brushes;
  • help file.