Splatter Watercolor Brushes by Julia Dreams

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Explore the dynamic world of digital watercolor with Julia Dreams' Watercolor Splatter Brushes for Procreate. These brushes are meticulously designed to simulate the organic feel and vibrant textures of traditional watercolor splatters, offering artists a tool to create expressive and lively artworks with a realistic touch.

Julia Dreams' collection provides a seamless blend of digital convenience and artistic tradition, making it easier than ever to unleash your creativity with splatters, drops, and sprays that feel just like the real thing.

The Watercolor Splatter Brushes set by Julia Dreams includes:

  • 18 Procreate brushes, each designed for a unique type of splatter effect, including drops and spray textures, provided in a .brushset file.

With these brushes, artists can effortlessly capture the spontaneous beauty of watercolor splatters, enhancing their digital art with the fluid charm of traditional watercolor techniques.