PenTips Lite (5 チップ)


PenTips Lite: iPad® と Apple Pencil® の理想的なパートナー

これらのペンチップは、iPad で Apple Pencil を使用して描画する際の感覚、快適さ、正確さを求めるデジタル アーティスト向けに作られています。それは単なる保護層ではありません。それは創造的な可能性の全く新しい領域への入り口です。

カラー: ブラック
  • 5 PenTips Lite with every set
  • Shipped from The Netherlands
  • Compatibility: every generation Apple Pencil®

Withstands pressure and damage: PenTips Lite is made of high-quality silicon that lasts up to 12 months.

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Are you ready to improve your digital art?

Why settle for mediocrity when excellence is at your fingertips? 

Don't hold back – elevate your creative game today with PenTips Lite and watch your digital art come alive like never before.

Add control back into your line work. The result? Beautiful lines without wiggles.

Enjoy precision: create fine details, craft intricate lines, and unlock the full potential of your artistic genius.

Enjoy silence while creating. PenTips Lite takes away the Apple Pencil's hard-plastic-on-glass tacking sound.

2000+ 5 Star Ratings

PenTips Lite was first introduced in 2020, and many customers have left a positive review on our Trustpilot since then. And if you're still not convinced, don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have.


Drawing on the iPad is a much more pleasant experience. The silicon tip grips the surface instead of skidding across it making my lines less wobbly and more intentional. Plus, no more tap tap tap sounds!

Toni Swiffen

Brilliant product, the makes the Apple Pencil a pleasure to use and I think aids in controlling it when making small marks and writing.


Brilliant a game changer! Totally transforms the control and feel of creating illustrations.


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Slip on

Screw on

Reduced Tapping Sound




Added Control