Textured Feeling PenMat 2
Textured Feeling PenMat 2
Textured Feeling PenMat 2
Textured Feeling PenMat 2
Textured Feeling PenMat 2
Textured Feeling PenMat 2
Textured Feeling PenMat 2

Textured Feeling PenMat 2

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Discover the PenMat 2 by PenTips, the latest breakthrough in digital canvas technology, expertly crafted for artists, writers, and digital creativity enthusiasts.

Building on our innovative digital art solutions, the PenMat 2 is here to transform your iPad into a traditional canvas, offering the classic feel of pen on paper with the precision and versatility of modern technology.

> Textured Experience: The textured surface of the PenMat 2 mimics the gratifying sensation of paper beneath your pen. Whether you're sketching with the PenTips Ink for that audible pencil-on-paper effect or seeking a quieter, more controlled touch with the PenTips 2+, this screen protector adapts to your style and preference, enriching every stroke.

> Stability and Precision: The PenMat 2 introduces an enhanced connection with additional strips along the entire edge, securing your digital canvas in place. Say goodbye to slips and interruptions—your flow of creativity now knows no bounds.

> Easy Removal: Removal is a breeze with the PenMat 2. A strategically placed small plastic nib at the top left allows for quick and clean adjustments, ensuring your screen remains smudge-free and ready for your next masterpiece.

> Riptide Technology: Featuring the innovative Riptide technology, the PenMat 2 actively eliminates air pockets between the screen protector and your tablet, providing a seamless, bubble-free drawing experience. This unique design is a testament to PenTips’ commitment to your creative success.

> Wide Compatibility: Suitable for iPad Air 10.9”, iPad Pro 11”, and iPad 12.9”, the PenMat 2’s Riptide Technology application is not only secure but ensures easy installation and removal without leaving any residue, keeping your creative space pristine.

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In het algemeen:

  • Europees: Aankomst binnen 1-7 werkdagen na bevestiging van de verzending
  • Intercontinentaal: 3-14 werkdagen na bevestiging van de verzending
  • Australië, Nieuw-Zeeland en Israël: zeldzame vertragingen tot 68 dagen (december 2021)

We kunnen niet naar Zuid-Afrika verzenden.

Mogelijke vertragingen als gevolg van Covid-19-beperkingen (meer informatie). Momenteel kunnen we geen gratis internationale verzending aanbieden naar de volgende landen: Brazilië, India, Filippijnen, Koeweit, Zuid-Afrika, Colombia, Frans Réunion, Libanon, Brunei.

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Waren in Groningen, Nederland en van hieruit verzenden we onze producten.

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