Four Seasons Watercolor Brushes By Julia Dreams

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Step into the enchanting world of seasonal foliage with Julia Dreams' "Four Seasons" brush collection for Procreate, designed to perfectly capture the essence of each season’s unique flora. This collection allows you to vividly render the fresh blooms of spring, the lush greenery of summer, the fallen leaves of autumn, and the snow-covered branches of winter.

With Julia Dreams' specialized brushes, you can effortlessly illustrate detailed trees, leaves, and foliage, transitioning from vibrant spring blossoms to serene snowy landscapes. This toolkit is ideal for creating intricate leaf patterns, sweeping landscapes, and seasonal scenes that truly evoke the spirit of each time of year.

The Four Seasons Watercolor Brushes by Julia Dreams includes:

  • 34 Procreate brushes crafted for watercolor effects, provided in a .brushset file;
  • 1 Magic Canvas, available in a .procreate file with the dimensions of 6364 x 4500 px and a resolution of 300 dpi;
  • 4 themed Color Palettes in a .swatches file, each inspired by a different season;
  • A Video Tutorial to guide your artistic process;
  • A PDF Guide filled with tips and techniques to maximize your creative exploration.

Embrace the seasonal changes and bring your digital forests and foliage to life with the artistic tools from Julia Dreams.