Pattern Brushes Vol 2 by Julia Dreams

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Pattern brushes for Procreate are digital tools that allow users to easily add repeating patterns and textures to their digital artwork. These brushes come in a variety of designs, including celestial, hearts, and abstract textures. Artists can use them to create backgrounds, borders, or to add visual interest to specific elements of their compositions. Pattern brushes are a popular choice for digital artists looking to add depth and complexity to their work.

You don't need to configure anything, just add all the files according to the instructions and start drawing.

Pattern Brushes for Procreate includes:

- 178 Pattern Brushes for Procreate - file .brushset
- Guide - pdf


You will receive a PDF file with a link where the files are hosted. As the files are very large is size (200 MB), and Etsy has a limit of max 100 MB, I had to host them on Dropbox. You do not need to have an account, you can just download using the link in the package.

iPad Compatibility: All models with Procreate app - Procreate 5 or newer